Hailing from the Highlands, model turned actress Karen Gillan won the much-coveted role of the Doctor’s assistant in the television series Doctor Who. Since then, her acting career has gone from strength to strength and she’s taken Hollywood by storm. You may not recognise her under all that make up, but she can be seen alongside the rest of Marvel’s superheroes – playing the character of Nebula in both Guardians of the Galaxy movies as well as The Avengers. She also stars alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black in the Jumanji film series.

It forms a key part of the government’s ambitious R&D Roadmap, published in July 2020, which committed to supporting the UK’s innovators and risk-takers by backing entrepreneurs and start-ups with the funding needed to scale up their innovations. Today’s funding is part of the government’s flagship Women in Innovation Awards, delivered by Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation , which seeks to boost the number of UK female entrepreneurs, which could deliver £180 billion to the economy. Joan D’Arcy, co-founder of Plastic@Bay in Durness, Highland, has also received funding to develop Local Ocean Plastic Recycling Facilities to convert ocean plastic waste into construction materials at a low cost. This initiative will also provide local employment and training opportunities for young people, with each facility employing at least 3 people to use and maintain the recycling machines. Three of Scotland’s leading female entrepreneurs have received UK Government backing to scale up their innovations.

Hey Girls has the philosophy that girls and young women should never have to compromise their wellbeing or their health. With their Buy One Give One scheme, every box of Hey Girls products that you buy means they give a box away to women who can’t afford this basic right. By exercising social and ethical responsibility in every aspect of their work, Celia and her daughters aim to enrich the lives of girls and young women in the UK. Dame Katherine Grainger is a Scottish rower who has amassed five Olympic medals and is recognised as one of Britain’s most decorated female Olympians.

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WiSA is a collaborative network for everyone working in the Scottish aquaculture industry. Open for all to join, WiSA will promote the diverse and rewarding careers that are available in aquaculture, to encourage more women to enter the sector. It will also support the progression, opportunities and development of women who are already working in aquaculture. This chapter explores an area of experience that underscored most women’s lives in the period, across the female life course, and within a variety of household roles. For running the home and organising family life involved responsibilities that were nearly always devolved to women, whether as daughters, wives, widows or as paid servants. This arrangement reflects some of the most important and insightful themes for exploring domestic life. Duncan, from West Kilbride, reached the semi-finals the last time the championship was played in 2019 and now she has the chance to go even further following an exceptional performance capped by a stunning eagle on her final hole.

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From 1954 she spent increasing amounts of time in Catterline, a fishing village on the north-east coast of Scotland. There, she worked outdoors in all weather conditions and at all times of day and night, creating land- and seascapes in which the weather, nature and mankind’s relationship with it, where her subjects. She was discouraged from attended art school by the Scottish Colourist J. D. Fergusson and as a result is essentially a self-taught ‘outsider’ artist. During scottish bride a peripatetic life beset with financial and psychological challenges, Douthwaite travelled extensively, whilst considering Scotland to be her home. Memorials such as statues, plaques, street signs, bridges or buildings have helped to keep these women’s names alive and commemorate their achievements. You can see all the memorials we’ve tracked down so far displayed on the map on the right. You will be able to access new educational content around women, girls and autism.

She led her troops against the English — and she did it very well indeed, earning considerable respect from friends and enemies. Social mediaOne of the men, Gregg, shared the footage on social media and the tweet has since raked up thousands of likes.

Born into Scottish nobility Annas Keith was one of the most powerful women in the country. She married Mary Queen of Scots’ close advisor and half-brother, James Stewart, in a ceremony conducted by John Knox. Annas showed incredible resilience in her running of Moray estates and fierce defence of her daughters’ inheritance after her husband was assassinated in his role of Regent of Scotland. She married again to become Countess of Argyle and wife to the Chancellor of Scotland although she was seen as being the real power behind the throne until her death. Equality Network has submitted an application to intervene and, following the advice of our QC, we have raised an objection, primarily on the grounds that no new legal points have been raised.

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A woman of Scottish and Ghanaian descent, Maud was a visual artist, photographer, writer, and cultural activist. Using her many talents and open-mind she co-founded and was active in a range of Black feminist and lesbian projects from the early 1980s. Througout her life she was uncompromising in her indictment of the inequalities that dogged the creative endeavours of Black women, both historically and in contemporary culture.

Success in her many creative endeavours caused her work to be widely shown, and remain in many private and public collections including the NPG, SNPG, Scottish Parliament and Victoria and Albert Museum. The Scottish Circle, a collective within The Circle, brings together women from all walks of life who are based in Scotland and who have a shared passion and commitment to address the issues faced by disempowered women and girls across the globe. At 7pm on Thursday , Eilidh Doyle will be among those on a panel conversation organised by Active Scotland, on the impact and importance of physical activity for women and girls in Scotland. Drawing on a wide range of source materials from across Scotland, this sourcebook provides new insights into women’s attitudes to the society in which they lived, and how they negotiated their identities within private and public life. These seven women were the first such to matriculate at a British university.

List of famous Scottish women with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history. Born in Altnaharra before moving to the Isle of Lewis, Linda Norgrove combined her intellect with her compassion and love of adventure to become an environmental expert and aid worker. This ultimately led her to Afghanistan, where in 2010, she was kidnapped by associates of the Taliban and held hostage before being killed in a rescue mission.

Her funeral in Edinburgh was a big public affair, and, in recent years, she has been commemorated on a Clydesdale Bank £50 note. Modern Scottish history is peppered with a who’s-who of engineers, from James Watt to John Logie Baird, but more people should know of Victoria Drummond. Named after her Godmother, Queen Victoria, Drummond was educated at home, before deciding she wanted a career in marine engineering. She became the first woman to be a marine engineer in the UK, sailing to many different nations and constantly honing her craft. After a stint onshore, the Second World War broke out, and she tried to return to sea, finding it almost impossible simply because she was a woman. Eventually, she found employment and experienced enemy fire on more than one occasion, performing her duties heroically and far above that expected of her station — for which she was awarded an MBE.

For both formats the functionality available will depend on how you access the ebook . This report contains the first steps in what the board believe is needed in Scotland to start to create gender balance within sport. These changes will proactively address, on a systematic level, the change that is required to not make mistakes of the past, but continue to improve towards a more gender-equal Scotland. The board remit and membership are under review to ensure that it can fully algin with priority areas across government and the recovery of sport from the COVID-19 pandemic. The report and recommendations within ‘Levelling the Playing Field’ produced in 2019 by the board are still priorities. The Scottish international carded a one under par first round of 73 on Gullane’s No. 1 course before firing two eagles and four birdies in a bogey-free round on the host club’s No. 2 course to set a pace none of the other competitors could match. Nicola Meighan hears from some of the country’s best-loved female artists about the Scottish women who inspired them, and led the musical charge, from the 1950s to the present day.

Today, the bronze statue of Flora MacDonald that stands outside Inverness Castle is the starting point for those starting and finishing the North Coast 500. Lady Agnes Campbell was a 16th century noblewoman, educated to a high level and not afraid to use that education. She spoke several languages, including Latin, and was raised on political intrigue and scheming. Her first marriage ended when her husband died while a prisoner in Ireland. Agnes went on to marry the successor to the Irish chief who had been her first husband’s captor, bringing with her an army of 1,200 Clansmen and commanding them on the battlefield herself.

As Heinz Brandenburg of Strathclyde University points out, the polls started to shift only in 2018, four years after she took the top job. They supported Oxfam’s We Can Campaign in Pakistan, which aimed to raise awareness about violence against women and girls. Women were only allowed to graduate from Scottish universities after the passing of the Universities Act 1889.

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Why does Mairi, pronounced MAW-re, seem so much cooler than Mary? This Irish form of Mary was not used before the seventeenth century, as it was considered too sacred. Some of its Anglicized forms include Moira, Maura and Maurya. Anglicized form of Seònaid, the Scottish Gaelic equivalent of Janet. It has historically been quite popular in Scotland, although it hasn’t ranked in the Top 100 there since 1995. But since Adair has yet to find many takers, it would make a fresh and appealing choice.

The boys school received a much lower quality of education and tended to be less organised. Yet the young men were the ones who would be allowed to continue a higher education as oppose to the young women. This chaos of education brought forth The Education Act of 1872. With its rolling green highlands, deep waters, and handsome towering castles, some might argue Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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Through the Scottish Girls Project we provide a weekly safe space for girls over the 7 week course. In the project’s sessions, the girls come together and receive group mentoring to help encourage each other to make informed choices regarding their mental, physical and emotional health.

The films are screened together for the first time in a touring programme full of contemporary relevance. Featuring work from female Scottish filmmakers, including Sarah Erulkar, Brigid ‘Budge’ Cooper and Jenny Gilbertson, these rarely seen films follow women’s histories through a century of filmmaking in Scotland. If you are still searching for a name for your daughter, take the time to check on the spelling and meaning. You have to be careful and choose a name that your daughter will be proud of no matter at what stage in her life. Looking for the perfect Scottish girl name for your daughter? We have listed 100 beautiful names to choose from plus their meanings.

The most popular first names given to babies whose births were registered in Scotland in 2020 . It is the Scots version of Margaret and means’ pearl.’ Show me any woman that doesn’t love her pearls. These stones are precious, and every girl wishes https://cupidbrides.com/scottish-brides for more of pearls in her jewelry box. A magical baby girls’ name meaning ‘elegant, shining light, graceful.’ It is the Scottish variation of Lucia. If you have been trying to have a baby and finally get a baby girl, Jaine is such a sweet name.

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There are multiple dates available throughout the rest of July and August, head to the events sections of our website to book a slot today. Guiding provides opportunities for girls to make new friends, have fun and grow in confidence. Our activities are designed for all girls, so there’s a place for your daughter whatever her tastes or needs. Try new things, develop your skills and be a role model to girls and young women. Whether you can give a little or a lot, you can help us make guiding happen.

Misunderstandings about why FGM happens or who it happens to, paired with unhelpful stereotypes of victims and their communities can make it harder for women affected by FGM to come forward and, consequently, to seek support. Most of the policy and prevention work around FGM has focused on protecting girls at risk. However, there are women in Scotland who are living with the consequences of FGM. In 2015 Scotland made it illegal for UK citizens and residents to take girls or women abroad to carry out FGM.

We have engaged with women and girls from the autism community and we have drawn on the expertise of a network of professionals to develop a range of videos and other support materials. If you want to see which girl names are popular in Scotland today, here’s a list of the Top 20 Scottish Girl Names for 2016 . We’ve put together a hand-picked selection of Scottish baby girl names. Also if you have no mutual friends on facebook it’s a bit creepy if you add them, well that’s just what I think anyway.

Dalziel High School remembers Findlay Mills, the first pupil from Dalziel to win first place in the Glasgow Bursary, but was killed during the Second World War. After reviewing schools across Scotland, an act was put into place to ensure children could receive an education no matter their financial situation. It got rid of the parish school system and the education system was now controlled by the Scottish Education Department. It created a uniform management system for the schools across Scotland, but also allowed for the local management to decide what was best for their schools. This way children of working-class areas, like the industrial schools in North Lanarkshire, were being taught practical skills instead of classes that would never be relevant to their lives. You will be able to access new educational content around women, girls and autism. Whether you’re embracing your heritage, or trying to find a name that will make him stand out, here are 21 Spanish baby boy names you’re bound to love.

Download a Women and Girls flyer to print off and share with people you think would be interested or contact us at to request professionally printed leaflets. (Please note that due to Covid-19 and remote working delivery may take longer than usual). Just type in any name for a quick look at how the popularity of that name has changed over the years.

For a name related to a Scottish town, a richly patterned Indian fabric, and a country singer named Brad, Paisley has been a remarkable success story. She entered the Top 1000 in 2006, and broke into the Top 50 for the first time in 2015, and is now one of the most popular girl names that start with P. The Scottish people love nature and most of Scottish girl names have a reference of its beautiful landscapes.

In addition to its scenic landscapes—and of course that delicious whiskey and the unique sound of bagpipes—this country has given us baby names that range from iconic to truly unique. If you’re trying to find the perfect name for your baby girl or boy, perhaps you’ll find that a Scottish name is the winner.